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January 6, 2017    Bookmark and Share

Additional Audition Scheduled for "The Chalk Garden"

Gaslight Theater will hold an additional audition session for the first production of thr 2017 season, The Chalk Garden, by Enid Bagnold, directed by Laura Graham.

The audition will be held Sunday, January 8th, 2:00 pm, at Hallowell City Hall.

About the Play

Revived to acclaim on the West End in 2008, this chamber piece explores the secret world of childhood through the prism of a dyed-in-the-wool British dowager Mrs. St. Maugham and her precocious and equally eccentric granddaughter Laurel. When enigmatic Miss Madrigal is hired as household companion and manager, the two finally meet their match.

"Snippets" of the script may be found:


Roles are available for 7 women and 2 men. Please note the roles marked with an asterisk (*). Actors cast in these roles must be present for all rehearsals.

  • *Mrs. St. Maugham: Age 55 +. Laurel’s grandmother. Upper class British. Eccentric, indulgent, selfish, an ex-hostess of London society and an unsuccessful gardener.
  • *Laurel: 16 years old. Younger emotionally than her actual age. Disturbed, smart, capricious, fascinated with fire and with murder.
  • *Miss Madrigal: 30-something. The governess. Self-contained and mysterious. Her calm exterior hides a passionate nature and a dark secret. An expert gardener.
  • Olivia: mid-30’s to mid-40’s. Laurel’s estranged mother. Graceful, lovely, and naturally shy. She has been overwhelmed by the strong personalities of her mother and daughter.
  • Nurse: Any age. Cares for the unseen old butler, who is dying. Disapproves of her employer’s eccentric ways.
  • Second Lady: 30+. Timid and quickly overwhelmed by Laurel’s wildness.
  • Third Lady: 45+. A “decayed beauty” with a superior attitude.
  • *Maitland: Age 25+. The manservant. High strung and lacking in confidence, but with a strong sense of what is right.
  • The Judge: Age 55+. A former beau of Mrs. St. Maugham. Comfortable in his power. Thoughtful and introspective.

For more information:

Contact us at gaslighttheater@yahoo.com.