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Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein Await at the Lapin Agile

Gaslight Theater's summer production, "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" by Steve Martin and directed by George Dunn, is in production and opens Friday, August 21st.

About the Play

Steve Martin's absurdist comedy Picasso at the Lapin Agile (...the Agile Rabbit) places Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso in a Parisian cafe in 1904, just before the renowned scientist transformed physics with his theory of relativity and the celebrated painter set the art world afire with cubism. These two geniuses muse on the century's achievements and prospects as well as other fanciful topics with infectious dizziness.

Bystanders, including Picasso' agent, the bartender and his mistress, Picasso's date, an elderly philosopher, and Charles Dabernow Schmendimen as an idiot inventor, introduce additional flourishes of humor. The final surprise patron to join the merriment at the Lapin Agile is a charismatic dark haired singer time warped in from another era.

Cast and Crew

  • Freddy (Stephen Wallace of Damariscotta): The owner and bartender of the Lapin Agile, often considered the simple minded one of the men in the play. However sometimes he says something truly stunning.
  • Gaston (Walter Guild of Hallowell): An abrupt and straight to the point old French man. He talks plainly and really only seems to care about sex and drinking.
  • Germaine (Marcia Gallagher of Hallowell): The waitress at the Lapin Agile, Freddy's girlfriend and a very thoughtful and beautiful woman at that. She has many ideas of what the 20th century will be like.
  • Albert Einstein (John Blanchette of Lewiston): A scientist with big aspirations and a genius, with a book on the way called "The Special Theory of Relativity". He often finds himself having to explain his theories and thoughts in a simpler fashion to the rest of the group.
  • Suzanne (Peg Acheson of Gardiner): A beautiful young lady head over heels for Picasso. They have had a previous liaison, and she is hurt and angry when he doesn't remember her.
  • Sagot (Mike Clements of West Gardiner): Picasso's art dealer, obsessed with finding and selling great pieces of art for profit.
  • Pablo Picasso (Galen Hall of Hallowell): A young charismatic painter with tons of talent, extremely egotistical and confident in himself. He is a womanizer who moves from one woman to the next.
  • Charles Dabernow Schmendiman (Andy Tolman of Readfield): An inventor with huge dreams and little knowledge, hHardworking, yet nowhere near the genius or talent of Einstein or Picasso.
  • The Countess (Nina Tilander of Hallowell): An intelligent and attractive woman with whom Einstein is infatuated. She thinks like he does, being the one person to really understand him.
  • A Female Admirer (Nina Tilander): A young admirer Picasso assumes is a fan of his, but this turns out differently.
  • The Visitor (Bill Haley of Hallowell): A polite and talented country boy time-traveler, who adds a third dimension and point of view to Einstein and Picasso's debate. He is a blue-suede-shoed musician.

Bob Gilbert and Carol Homer co-produce. Jenny Banjamin-Rider is Assistant Director and Stage Manager. Lighting design is by Andrew Vick and costumes by Dawn Klein.

Make Reservations

"Picasso at the Lapin Agile" opens Friday through Sunday August 21st and 28th through 30th at Hallowell City Hall. Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:30 pm and Sunday matinees are at 2:00 pm

Tickets are 12 dollars for adults and 10 dollars for students and senior citizens (60 and up). Reservations can be made online or by calling 207-626-3698 and leaving a message.

See you at the Lapin Agile!

Production Dates:

  • August 21st and 22nd, 7:30 pm
  • August 23rd, 2:00 pm matinee
  • August 28th, 29th, 7:30 pm
  • August 30th, 2:00 pm matinee