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August 17, 2014    Bookmark and Share

Play the Victim — For a Cause!

Actors and Friends, here is a request from The Kennebec County Emergency Management Agency.

Ever think that acting can actually help your community?

Kennebec County Emergency Management Agency is seeking volunteers to act as "victims" in an emergency exercise, Wednesday, September 17th, late afternoon and evening, in Readfield.

The "roles" will be as bystanders caught up in a hazardous materials accident. Actors in emergency exercises are given a scenario and told how the accident affects them. They are then asked to improvise realistically within the scenario. This gives first responders actual experience in how assisting victims and handling public reaction in an actual emergency. This scenario will include decontamination (fully clothed, by outdoor water shower) of individuals exposed to the imaginary chemicals.

The exercise will be held on September 17th, 2014, at Maranacook High School in Readfield. The exercise will start at 4:00 pm; "victims" participation will be complete around 7:30 pm. Dinner is provided at the site.

Actors should wear old pants and shirts and bathing suits as some of the victims could get wet during decontamination. Kennebec EMA will be able to provide garments for anyone who needs or forgets to bring something appropriate to wear.

Anyone who is interested can contact Sean Goodwin at Kennebec County Emergency Management Agency at or 623-8407. A good time will be had by all and your community will thank you!