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May 8, 2014    Bookmark and Share

The Bat is Preparing to Take Flight

Gaslight Theater's production of The Bat by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood is taking shape in rehearsals in Hallowell.

Cornelia Van Gorder (Jen Cart) has rented a summer house from Richard Fleming (Henrik Strandskov) who has just inherited it from his dead brother.

Cornelia intends to spend a quiet summer with her excitable maid Lizzie (Deborah Howard) and lovely niece Dale (Abigail Crocker). Instead, she finds a house full of strange noises, lights and intrusions, deserted by all the servants except Billy, the oddly truculent butler (Mike Clements).

Doctor Wells (Raymond Fletcher) urges her to leave the house, but instead, she asks a detective from the city (Frank Omar) to come to the house and investigate. All the while, Cornelia conducts her own investigation, convinced that a super-criminal, The Bat, is to blame for all the mysterious happenings.

Who is the handsome young gardener with impeccable grammar (Jason Laptewicz)? What is the pompous man-about-town Reggie Beresford (George Dunn) doing skulking about the house in the dead of night? And who is the Unknown Man (Bob Collins) who stumbles half-dead into the drawing room? And the most pressing question of all: is this all the work of The Bat?

All these questions will be answered when Gaslight Theater produces The Bat, opening Friday June 13th at Hallowell City Hall.

Lynette Miller directs, Linda Duarte assists and stage manages, and Jenny Benjamin-Rider produces.

Production Dates:

  • June 13th and 14th, 7:30 pm
  • June 15th, 2:00 matinee
  • June 20th and 21st, 7:30 pm
  • June 22nd, 2:00 matinee