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Auditions for The Bat Scheduled

Gaslight Theater has scheduled auditions for the second production of the season, The Bat by Mary Robert Rinehart and Avery Hopwood. Auditions will be held at Hallowell City Hall:

  • Sunday, March 30 at 2:00 pm (Council Chambers, downstairs)
  • Tuesday April 1 (no joke) at 6:30 pm (Auditorium, upstairs)
  • Thursday April 3 at 6:30, (Auditorium, upstairs) Call-backs and additional new readings as necessary.

The production will open Friday, June 13 (no joke) and run the June 13th through 15th and 20th through 22nd.

The Plot:

Resourceful Cornelia Van Gorder encounters intrigue and murder at the secluded house she has rented for the summer. Undeterred by the likely presence of a renowned thief and murderer known only as "The Bat", she instead sets out to match wits with him. A classic "murder at the secluded house on a dark and stormy night" mystery, "The Bat" features creaking doors, hidden rooms and an endless lineup of suspects.

The Characters:

The Bat has roles for 7 men and 3 women:

  • Cornelia Van Gorder (50-ish): independent middle-aged spinster, who is confident she will catch The Bat before any man will.
  • Lizzie Allen (50-ish): Cornelia's long-time maid, who talks back and continuously threatens to quit but never does.
  • Billy (30s or older): the butler, who talks tough but is afraid of ghosts.
  • Brooks (20s-30s): the new gardener, who seems to know nothing about gardening.
  • Miss Dale Ogden (20s): Cornelia's niece, who has inherited her aunt's wits and her backbone.
  • Doctor Wells: (40s or older): The family doctor whose bedside manner is not all that comforting.
  • Anderson (40s or older): A detective who's seen it all -- but has never caught up with The Bat.
  • Richard Fleming (30s-40s): Owner of the summer house, who's not above a spot of blackmail.
  • Reginald Beresford: (30s-40s): a foppish "man about town" who is not thrilled at being conscripted into a murder investigation.
  • An Unknown Man: (40s or older): there's always one, isn't there? This one, no surprise, has a secret.

Auditions for The Bat will consist of cold readings from the script.

Contact Director Lynette Miller at lmiller04355 (at) for more information.