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Auditions Announced for 2013 Season-Opener Mrs Packard

Auditions for Gaslight Theater’s first play of 2013, Mrs. Packard by Emily Mann will be held at Hallowell City Hall 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday Dec. 1 in the City Hall Chambers and 6:30 p.m. Tuesday Dec. 4 in the Auditorium . This will be the firest show of our 2013 season.

The play has roles for four males and five females, ages mid-30’s to 60-years old. It will be performed. Friday and Saturday, March 22 and March 23, Sunday, March 24 and Thursday to Saturday, March 28 to March 30. Bruce Hertz of Wayne is the director.

Actors will do cold readings from the script as well as some improvisations and movement exercises. Loose, comfortable clothing is advised.

Mrs. Packard deals seriously with man's inhumanity to women -- more specifically, one husband's inhumanity to his wife. In 1861, Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard had the misfortune of differing with her Calvinist preacher spouse's beliefs in church doctrine. At the time, Illinois law held that a husband could commit his wife to an asylum on the grounds of insanity without her consent or having to produce any evidence at a public hearing. So the Reverend Theophilus Packard took the state up on its offer after his wife refused to recant her liberal views of God's intentions. The furious Packard claimed Elizabeth was not just mentally impaired but unable to care for the couple's six children. This true story, infuriating and inspiring, pits one woman’s struggle to right a system gone wrong.

Questions about the play and the auditions may be directed to Hertz at 685-9930, 458-2201 or