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MeACT Announces 2012 Play Festival

MeACT, Maine Association of Community Theaters, a Maine not-for-profit corporation, will be producing its annual one-act play festival and workshops MeACT for members and the public on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at the Lucid Stage, 29 Baxter Boulevard, Portland, Maine, behind the Forest Avenue Hannaford’s Supermarket

For any groups that are considering progressing competitively beyond the State level, the MeACT Festival will follow the elements set out in the AACTFest handbook to AACT Regionals and/or Nationals. "It is recommended that performances submitted for competition must run no more than 60 minutes, not including set-up and strike unless these elements contribute to the performance.”

If a group is interested in participating in a non-competitive manner (as most Maine groups are) the time element is not as restrictive and allowances can be made. MeACT does encourage a performance of less than 60 minutes (including set-up and strike) so as to keep the day manageable.

To enter the Festival, if a group is not a MeACT member, it will need to join MeACT, with annual membership dues of $30 for your entire group.

Festival registration, a separate item, is an additional $30. All fees are used to defray the expenses associated with the Festival and the events which take place therein.

All fees are due no later than the day of the Festival. Festival Registration Deadline is April 1st, 2009.

Participating groups are responsible for their own transportation, royalty fees, and other costs associated with their production.

On the day of the Festival usually features:

  • Two (2) one-hour workshops on some aspect of community theatre, early in the morning.
  • Our annual business meeting at 11:00 AM
  • Luncheon, provided by the MeACT at noon.
  • Two to three 'sets' of shows over the course of the afternoon and evening, depending on the number of groups attending.
  • Should the presentations proceed into the evening hours some provision for supper will be made.

Participating groups are asked to submit the following information to the contact person listed below, as soon as it is known.

  • Theater Group Name
  • Theater address
  • Theater Phone, Theater E-mail and website
  • Show Director
  • Title of One-Act Play
  • Playwright
  • Royalty Rights/Publisher

Further details on the schedule for the day, order of show presentation, workshops, etc. will be forthcoming after April 1st.


Foner Curtis, Executive Director, MeACT
Tel: 207.594.4982