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"Evening Of One Acts" Taking Shape: Updated!

Plays and Directors:

Directors and scripts have been selected for Gaslight's Annual "Evening of One Act Plays", which will be produced April 29th and 30th at Hallowell City Hall.

Juli Brooks will direct:

Mother's Pennies
by J. Tenney Brooks, with parts for 3 women and 1 man.

Ben Keene directs:

All Cotton
(1 man and 1 woman, or 2 women) by Shel Silverstein.

Linda Duarte will direct three short plays:

While the Auto Waits
by O. Henry, adapted by Walter Wykes (2 men, 2 women)
by Alice Gerstenberg (2 women, 1 man)
A Matter of Husbands
by Ferenc Molnar, translated by Benjamin Glazer (2 women)


Auditions for the One Act Plays will be at the Harlow Gallery (please note the new venue), 160 Water Street, Hallowell:

  • Sunday, March 13th 2:00 to 4:00 pm
  • Monday, March 14th, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Why One-Acts?

Gaslight Theater produces the Evening of One-Acts to encourage and mentor new directors, which furthers our goal of making theater arts more accessible. The One-Acts provide an opportunity for actors to take on intriguing roles with a lesser time commitment than a full-length production. It's also a great way for those who haven't acted before, or have limited experience, to "get their feet wet" on the stage.

Performances of the Evening of One-Acts will be at Hallowell City Hall:

  • Friday April 29, 7:30 pm
  • Saturday, April 30, 7:30 pm