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January 30, 2011


Gaslight Theater Announces Open House

On Sunday, February 13th at 2:00 pm Gaslight Theater will be holding its first open house at Hallowell City Hall. This informal open house is intended to re-acquaint the community with theater and opportunities that this local theater group can offer.

“Local theater is a vital and relevant part of the community,” says Richard Bostwick, General Manager of the Gaslight Theater. “We strive to provide quality performances at an affordable price for audiences that offer a wide variety of opportunities for local performers, artists, technicians, and volunteers”.

The Gaslight Theater Board of Directors and leadership have decided to hold an open house to provide a more specific introduction to the theater and it’s exciting opportunities. The open house will include an oral discussion and descriptions of volunteer opportunities ranging from acting, light and sound design, set building and painting, and the overall local theater experience. The oral presentations will include questions and answers on any aspect of theater and tour of the performance space itself. The theater group will also discuss upcoming shows in the 2011 season.

Community members interested in any aspect of theater are encouraged to attend and learn more about the role they can play in helping performing arts to remain a vibrant part of the community. 

For more information about Gaslight Theater’s open house or how you can get involved with local theatre please call (207) 626-3698 or contact us.