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November 24, 2010

It's In My Blood


One Performance Only! It's In My Blood

Staged reading of a new musical

  • Book by William A. Haley
  • Music by Marcia Gallagher
  • Lyrics by William A. Haley and Marcia Gallagher

Gaslight Theater is proud to present a special event, the staged reading of a new musical. It's In My Blood is an original musical by Bill Haley, with music by Marcia Gallagher. The staged reading with music will be Sunday, November 28, 2:00 pm, Hallowell City Hall.

It's In My Blood is a Maine story of a Maine family in the lobster business. It follows their lives, their loves, their struggles, their families and the ever-changing world around them. This family will face hurdles they never anticipated, and find a new outlook for a bright future.

The cast includes many familiar to those who follow Gaslight, ACAT, the Theater at Monmouth and other school and community music and theater productions.

  • Old Joe Davenport: David Greenham
  • John Davenport: Dan Crocker
  • Joey Davenport: Scott Baker
  • Marty Davenport: Dennis A. Price
  • Matthew Davenport: Chris Cart
  • Linnie Davenport: Lynette Miller
  • Cheryl Davenport: Teresa Curley Beaudoin
  • Maggie Davenport (younger): Emily Dionne
  • Maggie Davenport (older): Brittany Yorks
  • Rachel Bradley: Dori Hall
  • Old Salty: Frank Omar
  • Joan Spencer: Karen LaPlante
  • Betty Williams: Stacey Jacobsohn
  • Jack Bailey: Mike Coty
  • Constable Steve: Bob Collins

The reading will be narrated by Doree Austin.

The staged reading of It's In My Blood will be open to the public at no charge. However, donations will be welcome to cover costs; a suggested donation is $10. Seating is General Admission and is limited to hall capacity (approximately 120).

Please Note: There will be no admittance after the start of the show at 2:00 pm.