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How Can You Support Gaslight?

Membership Privileges

Member ($15)*
Voting privileges and membership events*
Supporting Actor ($25 to $49):
1 complimentary ticket
Leading Actor ($50 to $99):
2 complimentary tickets
Stage Manager ($100 to $249):
4 complimentary tickets
Director ($250 to $499):
8 complimentary tickets
Associate Product ($500 to $999):
12 complimentary tickets
Executive Producer ($1,000 or more):
16 complimentary tickets

*These privileges apply at all membership levels


Be Our Audience

We produce plays to please you, our audience. Please check in our current season, and make plans to be in the theater.

Become a Member

The generosity of our members has kept us going for almost 75 years. If you are on our mailing list, we will write to you once a year, telling you what we've been up to, and asking for your monetary support. If you are not a current member, you please contact us to receive a membership form. Or join our mailing list. You'll start receiving information about current productions and activities right away.

Advertise in Our Program

Revenues from program advertising support the printing of memorabilia-quality programs for each production. Our program booklets are put together in the spring, and advertisers' messages are seen by all our audiences throughout the season.

If you are not a current advertiser, you can contact us, and a member of our Board will get in touch with you.

Get Involved

From acting to directing, from set painting to running lights, from baking cookies to taking tickets, there are many ways to get involved with Gaslight. Find out more ...